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Junicon is pleased to announce a unique relationship with life sciences strategy firm, Boston Strategic Partners, Inc. (BSP), that we have found to deliver breakthrough results and value for clients.  Close cooperation between Junicon and BSP throughout every step of an engagement enables us to create more complete solutions for clients.

Our collaboration enables us to offer a wider range of projects that require market research

Spring, 2005

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Junicon believes that projects involving both market research and consulting elements present some unique challenges. For example, research teams who are busy defending the validity of their data and analyses can have a hard time stepping back in order to be strategic. Also, consulting teams with no connection to data generation and analysis are less likely to get the best value out of market research. Data becomes an excuse rather than an opportunity, and client value is lost.

Junicon Partner, Jeff Cocagne, says, "Adding management consulting advice ensures that market research findings are placed in context to make them actionable.  We believe that a successful model is to have independent research analysis and consulting teams that work together from project inception through the delivery of results.  In some cases, parallel teams can be created in-house.  In others, the best solution is partnership with another firm to bring in fresh perspectives and expertise." 

Adding management consulting advice ensures that market research findings are placed in context to make them actionable.

Junicon's Stephan
Eichholz addresses
IPPC Congress in Berlin

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Junicon is pleased to announce average overall client satisfaction of  9.2 out of 10 on 60+ projects completed in 2004. Client satisfaction is the cornerstone of our corporate strategy and our employee measurement and reward system. 

We are proud to have earned this result and are dedicated to continuing to exceed client expectations.

Marketing research
meets management

Junicon Partner, Stephan Eichholz, addressed the International Plasma Protein Congress in Berlin on March 9, 2005.  Stephan's presentation focused on the current usage and future potential in Europe for intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG).

Key findings included  the development of immunoglobulin usage in established as well as newly emerging indications across Europe, physicians' expectations about its future use and the influence of new regulations and guidelines in this environment.

The program was well received from a large audience of opinion leaders in the medical field, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry as well as regulators and policy makers from various European and national governmental bodies.

Junicon has extensive experience in the conduct of qualitative as well as quantitative studies in the field of immune-therapy products. In 2004, Junicon  conducted a significant study on IVIG for the Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association.

Junicon enables clients to identify and maximize opportunities in healthcare markets. 

to be integrated with internally-focused workstreams. As a result, the Junicon and BSP team is able to better diagnose opportunities for clients and to translate market findings into clear recommendations that reflect client business imperatives, resources, and culture.

Dr. Fabian D'Souza, President of BSP, observes: "Junicon's unique global market research capabilities drive deeper and more robust strategic insights for management consulting recommendations. Through this partnership, we are able to deliver an end-to-end solution with built-in accountability throughout the process."

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